Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sins Galore

Dead Man Walking (1995) - One of the best emotional drama on a death row convict after Green mile. The movie starts with sedulous music of Nusrat fateh ali khan which gives the best notion that it will be a somehow devotional 2 hours. Though rendered to be a simple story, an engaging screenplay gives the weight required and coils us with unexplained bond between sister Helen and Matthew Ponceleot. Matts meticulously compromising claim to sister Helen of being innocent makes us believe to be another tale of deplorably wrong execution  but as and when the movie edges forward everything halts and gets clear. Even if rapists and killers are considered to be monsters there are some evangelists like sister Helen who convince the obdurate souls like Matt to believe in admitting there unconditional surrender to almighty so that they be son of god. The best part is the climax which really gives you a compassionate feel and an emotional farewell. Unforgettable is the music by David robbins featuring artists like Bruce Springsteen, the great Nusrat fateh Ali Khan & Eddie Vedder which starkly sets the mood very much true to this heart-rending film.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

Last week was truly a Al Pacino week starting with God father series ending with wicked Brian De Palma's Scarface. Al Pacino, De Niro, Godfather & Francis belonged to the era where Hollywood was shedding its skin. It was emergence of visionaries like George Lucas, Martin Scorsese & Francis ford coppola together, wherein Lucas was more known for its Blockbuster money-churner "Star Wars" series Martin & Coppola I regard were the real change agents of Hollywood. I don't know why I had avoided this series for such a long time well! anyways I have being always late in grasping but still I felt "better late than never". For many this masterpiece is an institution in itself but for me it was Al Pacino & Francis only. Yes! you cannot & never ignore Marlon Brando with his shady eyes and drooping cheeks maintaining the same poignant stance throughout his performance. He deserved an Oscar and he got it. But what makes Al Pacino special for me was challenging the Aura of Marlon and gaining the accolades in the process. The studio was skeptical about its appointment but Francis was confident about him and though throughout the movie studio was nervous about the casting it was Francis who had faith in the cast. First what makes the series best for me and why it makes a learning curvature for many of us? Is it Performance? Direction? Screenplay? Script? Music? Its all!! But for me it was the Michael's innocence destroyed & his dark side being revealed due to the circumstances. He abhorred the world of his father not directly but the decision to join the army was a step towards it. Vito created the empire when he saw that one of his own was sucking the blood in his own neighborhood. This prompts him to kill the scum where he takes the matter in his own hands. His emergence as Don had facet of Oppression, Poverty, Elite Vs the poor. He was societal and cared for the people which was prominent when a lady came for help when her landlord tried to remove him. He didn't approached the landlord with brashness but when he was not getting convinced he told him to ask about Vito Corleone in the neighborhood. Michael doesn't do different but he does with ruthlessness which are the after-effects of the deception by some of his own family members & friends. Circumstances leads him to kill his Brother-in-law, Brother, his bodyguard and the heads of the 5 families. Which Vito never confronted in his time. Michael tries hard to legitimize the family business but the more he tries the more he falls in the black pit of conspiracy, dishonesty and deception. In the process he loses the best thing he loved -his first wife. This was truly a epic master creation by Mario Puzo but was immortalized by Coppola. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Grateful!!!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Revisited "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - Watching Jim Carrey is always a pleasure but the adulation increases for him in this film considering the non-madcap, non-bizarre character he has performed. Kate winslet has tried her best as a hip, wasted lady trying to figure out about her emotions and she is successful, immensely attractive in her performance while Jim provides equal justice to the pairing. Mark ruffalo, Kirsten dunst, Tom wilkinson, Elijah Wood perform their bit very well the only thing is - why this seemingly popular actors accepted such inconsequential roles. The answer to it might be flawless script or concept. The direction requires special consideration with equal importance to camera work. If this was considered a sci-fi movie and was given to some action oriented brat he would have scrapped the loveliness out-of it (thanks to Michael bay otherwise the fate would have being like "the Island"). But director Charlie Kaufman pulls this off with subtle superiority that otherwise could have achieved by CGI. It is beautiful to understand how can attraction, pain, separation, can be bundled together and presented in front of us in such manner. Great watch...Feels kind of proud when the couple is hearing to Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar in one of the scenes.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Watched "The Shining"(1980) - Camera work is amazing and reminds of Jonathan Demme's take on full frontal facing of actors in "The silence of lambs". It might have being the most horrifying movies of its time but fails to impress me, for instance the Overlook doesnt establish the spookiness required. The fact the lights are always on and electricity full fledged during the storm, hinders you at some point. Jack nicholson is superb as neurotic father & husband. Escpecially the continous scene on the staircase...he is at his best. It is best for its direction which was achieved rarely at that time and with minimalistic props or horrid make-up effects which was generally the trend of 80s horror movies. Nevertheless "The shining" laid foundation for a different kind of horror genre for sure....but reading stephen king's novel will be a added advantage or supportive enough to experience the horror...

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Conversion Begins

The intention of this blog is itself a mission for me to make it thoroughly useful to the creative bent of mind which bends without my permission every now and then. So lets see how, when and where it takes me.